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About company

About company

Ukrainian Pharmacy Holding was founded in early 2009 as the managing company for the Zdravitsa pharmacy chain that has operated since 2004.

By the end of 2009 a group of 90 pharmacies with no brand name joined the Holding.

In the later half of 2010 they were relaunched as a new social pharmacy chain under Dobri Liky brand. Later all individual no-brand pharmacies of the Holding joined the Dobri Liky chain.

In November 2010 Zdravitsa Pharmacy No. 208 was given the status of a separate brand - Central Pharmacy. Due to outstanding achievements in introduction of best practices in pharmaceutical services in Ukraine this Pharmacy was given the Best Enterprises of Europe Award - 2009.

In July 2012 Regional Wholesale Pharmaceutical Company ASTA joined Ukrainian Pharmacy Holding.

Today Ukrainian Pharmacy Holding owns and administrates pharmaceutical chains including more than 170 pharmaceutical markets, pharmacies and pharmaceutical booths. In addition, it develops its small-batch pharmaceutical trade business.

Competitive advantages of the Ukrainian Pharmacy Holding:

  • Coverage of all segments of pharmaceutical market due to the format variety of Central, Zdravitsa and Dobri Liky pharmacies;
  • Quality of medicine and other pharmaceutical goods ;
  • Compliance with license conditions;
  • High standards of services;
  • Qualified personnel;
  • Convenient location of sales outlets;
  • Wide range of satisfying people’s needs in pharmacy surrounding areas.

Business objectives of the Ukrainian Pharmacy Holding:

  1. Develop the effective management system,
  2. Study opportunities of all pharmacy units of the Holding for their efficient utilization.

Strategic targets of the Ukrainian Pharmacy Holding:

  • Growth of the market share and expansion of the pharmacy chains in other regions of Ukraine;
  • Improvement of the service standards;
  • Further development of the pharmaceuticals range.